Now RF and Keyless is Also added the  with Change ID to fully Emulate NCF29A1 2017 to 23+ Keys

3 Types are Available

  • Non Original/OEM  Without PEPS/UWB PSFOB
  • Original/OEM  Without PEPS/UWB PS FOB
  • Original/OEM  With PEPS/UWB PEPS FOB

Right Now these New types of Change ID Keys can't be used with the Lock50 HW01 but we will add New Payable Licences to Upgrade Older users to be Able to use the New Keys to Copy Keys via File and Key To Key on these Latest NCF29A1 Keys.

However the New Lock50 OBD Tool HW04-C Purchasers will be Given the New Licences to use with the HW01  to Copy Keys via Mcu Dumps or via OBD  or  using the Alarm OFF Cable HW03B.

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